If you have outdoor signs at your business, you want them to pop. After all, your goal is to draw in traffic from the surrounding area. At the same time, you want your exterior signs to be stylish and match your brand image. Channel letters provide all these things in one attractive package. Here are some basic facts about this type of signage from Sign Innovations.

What are channel letters?

Channel letters are 3-D signs that go on the outside of your building. Each letter is a separate structure. Many business owners choose to install lighted channel letters. In this case, each letter has its own lighting source (typically an energy-efficient LED light). These signs are made of aluminum and acrylic materials and can be shaped into a wide variety of designs.

How are channel letters made?

There are five components to every channel letter: a face, a trim cap, a return, a back, and a light source (if a lighted sign is selected).

Why are these signs so popular?

These types of signs have become more and more popular because of their flexibility. You can have numbers, symbols, and other characters created in a variety of colors. There are few other signage options that are quite as eye-catching.

If you’re wondering whether channel letters are the right choice for your business, call Sign Innovations today. We’ll show you examples of our work and help you design the perfect signs for your building.