Channel letters are an excellent way to bring in a crowd to your business. Their 3-D style and individual letters allow for lots of flexibility and creativity. There are three main types of channel letters you should know about before you decide to invest in any outdoor signage. Here’s an overview from Sign Innovations.

  • Reverse channel letters – Reverse channel letters are classic and refined. These letters are typically made up of metal faces, aluminum returns, and polycarbonate backs. Used together, these materials create a halo-like look.
  • Front-lit letters – Front-lit letters are the most common style of channel letter. Illuminated on the front face, they are created using an acrylic face, trim cap, aluminum return, and aluminum back. The result is exterior signage with a sleeker look.
  • Combination letters – A third option is a combination of these two styles. The result is a sign that will definitely grab customers’ attention.

Of course, before you make a decision, you need to look at examples of all three types of channel letters. Call Sign Innovations to talk to one of our sign designers in Charlotte, NC. We’ll talk with you about your needs, take a look at where you want to install the sign, and show you concepts that will work best for your business.