As you know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contain requirements for how interior signs are to be installed at businesses and other public places in the Charlotte, NC area. These requirements also include specifications for braille signs. Here are three requirements for interior braille signs that Sign Innovations wants you to know about:

  1. Certain types of signs must accompany the braille signs – Any signs that contain braille must be in Grade 2, or the style that allows for contractions. Grade 2 signs prevent clutter and are easier to read.
  2. Braille letters and characters must meet certain standards – Braille letters and characters must be raised above the sign’s background at least 1/32″. Usually, the best height range for raised braille letters and characters lies between 5/8″- 2″. The braille on your sign should not have any sharp edges or be painful to the touch. You may capitalize any proper names, but other braille words must be lowercase.
  3. There are rules for pictograms – Some of your signs might contain images or symbols. For example, bathroom signs will contain a pictogram. For these types of signs, you’ll need to have text and braille lettering immediately below the image.

Do you need to install braille interior signs that follow the ADA’s requirements? Contact Sign Innovations to talk to our staff today. We’ll create the custom business signs you need to welcome people to your business in Cornelius, Huntersville, Rock Hill, or Fort Mill.