You want your company’s exterior signs to be eye-catching. That’s why channel letters are so popular. But how do they stay on your building, especially considering the variety of letter types that can be used? Sign Innovations has the answer. Here are several ways to mount your channel letters.

  • Direct mounts – Also known as a flush mount, this mounting style is best if you want to maximize the appearance of your building. Direct mounts allow your letters to be installed on the front face of your structure. All electrical wiring for your sign will be behind the bulkhead wall.
  • Backer mounts – Backer mounts are good if you want to minimize the impact on your building. With backer mounts, all the letters will be attached to a metal backer. This acts like a cabinet and will usually have larger dimensions than the sign itself. The electrical feed will be behind the backer or behind the wall.
  • Raceway mounts – Raceway mounts are metal boxes that are installed behind each individual letter. This means each letter has it’s own electricity. This option generally requires the least amount of drilling into the building, making it popular with property managers.

To learn more about channel letters or to order outdoor signs of your own, call Sign Innovations. We’ll help you find the perfect exterior signs for your property.