If you’re a commercial business owner, you know that you’re required to make your business accessible for all. This means you need to install interior signs that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Sign Innovations is a leading sign company in Charlotte, NC that designs and installs interior sings and custom business signs that meet all ADA requirements. Here’s a brief overview of how these signs need to be placed in your facility.

Mounting Height Requirements

Interior signs must be mounted between 48 inches and 60 inches off the ground to meet ADA requirements. This range allows signs of different sizes to sit at the same visual level.

Mounting Location Requirements

Indoor signs also need to be placed in a certain area beside the door frames. For all single-door rooms, an interior sign should be placed on or as close to a door’s latch handle side. If you have other types of doors, contact our Charlotte sign company for advice on your specific situation.

Overhead & Projecting Sign Requirements

The bottom of any overhead interior sign must be at least 80 inches off the ground to ensure maximum visibility. If you plan to install a projecting sign, you’ll need to make sure that the sign is a minimum of 27 inches off the ground. Also, a projecting sign should only extend four inches into any path.

If you need help with interior signs that meet the ADA’s requirementscontact Sign Innovations today. Our sign technicians will design and install the signs you need for everyone to feel welcome at your business.